Ransom’s first Novel: The God Patent
After phenomenal ebook success in the Scribd.com store, boutique publisher Numina Press, LLC, of San Rafael CA made an offer for publishing rights. 15 months in Amazon’s Top 50: “Literature & Fiction > Religious & Inspirational > Science Fiction & Fantasy” A novel that has spent 17 months in Amazon’s Kindle Top 10: “Science> Physics > Quantum Theory”
From Numina Press, December 2009
Sex, drugs, and quantum physics collide with artificial intelligence, faith, and free will in this perspective-altering story.
Caught between science and religion in a battle over the origin of the universe and the existence of the soul, Ryan McNear fights to rebuild his life with the help of a death- obsessed adolescent skate-rat, a beautiful physics professor, and a conniving landlord/attorney.
"...the first debut novel to emerge from the new paradigm of online publishing. What distinguishes this classic battle between faith and free will is its unusually deft infusion of legitimate but accessible science... An ambitious first novel that uses Stephens' experience as a particle physicist, director of patents, public speaker and single father in a narrative that sings of the heart and the scientific method as two parts of the same song." -San Francisco Chronicle 
Emmy Nutter, the physicist in The God Patent is based on Emmy Noether:
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Re-released by 47North, April 2013
After garnering over 75 4 & 5 star reviews, The God Patent was acquired by 47North, the Science fiction, fantasy, and horror imprint of Amazon Publishing. Thoroughly re- edited, reformatted, and slightly revised, the 47North version of The God Patent was released in April, 2013 - print, ebook, and audio.
Ransom Stephens scientist, author, speaker
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The God Patent, by Ransom Stephens
When electrical engineers Ryan McNear and Foster Reed co-authored two patents for company cash incentives, they thought it was all just a joke. One described the soul as a software algorithm and the other described the big bang as a power generator. But when the company crashes, McNear finds himself divorced, broke, and estranged from his son. As he rebuilds his life, McNear discovers Reed has used their nonsensical patents to attract top-tier energy investors. A patent war erupts and McNear is suddenly immersed in a battle between hard science and evangelical religion. To prove himself, he will have to risk everything--his reputation, his livelihood, and even his sanity--to be with the son he loves and refuses to forget. Set in the age-old culture war between science and religion, The God Patent is a modern story that deftly blends scientific theory with one man’s struggle to discover his soul.