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When electrical engineers Ryan McNear and Foster Reed co-authored two patents for company cash incentives, they thought it was all just a joke. One described the soul as a software algorithm and the other described the big bang as a power generator. But when the company crashes, McNear finds himself divorced, broke, and estranged from his son. As he rebuilds his life, McNear discovers Reed has used their nonsensical patents to attract top-tier energy investors. A patent war erupts and McNear is suddenly immersed in a battle between hard science and evangelical religion. To prove himself, he will have to risk everything--his reputation, his livelihood, and even his sanity--to be with the son he loves and refuses to forget. Set in the age-old culture war between science and religion, The God Patent is a modern story that deftly blends scientific theory with one man’s struggle to discover his soul. Originally published by Numina Press in 2009, revised and re-released by 47 North in Spring of 2013
The God Patent - 2009
The Times Weavers is a series of novels that weaves the past and present into the very near future. Featuring three swashbuckling hackers and a beagle, each installment is a standalone, full-length novel built for irreverent fun in the face of complicated economic, technological, and political issues. Watch for release of Too Rich to Die and The 99% Solution soon!
The Timeweavers
The Sensory Deception - 2013
Can a video game save the polar bear, the sperm whale, and every other endangered species on the planet? Silicon Valley scientist Farley Rutherford thinks he has the answer. His team has designed a virtual reality system that immerses users in the struggles of an endangered animal-and the astonishing experience leaves any who try it desperate to help. But the path to environmental salvation is not easy. Luckily, venture capitalist Gloria Baradaran becomes Farley's most ardent advocate. Gloria and the team will have to fight for funding and their cause before facing the biggest obstacle of all: obtaining sensory data from the creatures themselves, including the biggest hunter of all-the sperm whale. The cause is righteous, but the stakes are high. And while Farly fends off Somali pirates in pursuit of the ultimate sensory experience, a rift in the team puts Gloria's life in jeopardy, proving that idealism might just be the most dangerous game of all. Published by 47North in the summer of 2013. 
Ransom Stephens scientist, author, speaker
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